Venue Guide

Tin Roof Farms

The Story of Tin Roof Farms-

In 2017 the land was being developed. Tree lines were being removed. Old rundown barns were being demolished as well as the old house on the property found a new location. Alan & Melanie Gibbens gave it to a local neighbor and he had it moved to another location to become his home. But time would not be their friend. Their son Zack proposed to his girlfriend in early February of 2018. Jessie, his then fiance’ said she wanted to get married on the farm. So the ball got rolling to build a wedding venue. There were just too many perfect ceremony sights to let this go undone. The kicker to the story was Zack and Jessie set their date to get married for November 3, 2018. Alan being the adventurer he is said “No Problem”. But really, that was just less than 9 months to pull off what became a huge project.
Construction was scheduled to start on the main venue in April but rain was in abundance. This was a huge delay and the first pole for the building wasn’t erected until the end of May. Less than 6 months from the wedding date. Six days a week, Alan & Melanie worked doing as much as they could that was doable by them. Of course, outside subs were used for much of the actual construction. Truckloads of dirt were removed from one of the ponds on the property to fill for the chapel ceremony site as well as foundations for each building. Zack, Jessie and friends from church would rally up on Saturdays and spend the day landscaping, installing walls, painting, cleaning up, whatever needed to be done to get closer to the big day. We can’t thank them enough for helping us make this dream become a reality.
We hope that every bride and groom that comes to visit Tin Roof Farms can see the thought and detail that went into building this facility. We know how important and special a wedding is and have tried to create an atmosphere and setting that will truly be a magical day to remember. 
Tin Roof Farms….Begin your forever at the Farm.